This web site has been setup to document my Photo 365 project.  The main purpose of the project  is to take a picture a day for a year! I am hoping that in addition to this main purpose several other goals will be accomplished:

  1. Displine. Just attempting this goal obviously means that I am going to have to change the way I approach my day.  Somewhere between waking in the morning and going to sleep at night I need to find time to take a photograph and not just one to get by.
  2. A  new way of seeing.  I am going to have to develop a sense of looking at all events in my everyday life as photographic opportunities.  Hence, I am going to have to look at things more creatively and photographically.
  3. Carrying my camera everywhere.  It is going to have to be my constant companion.
  4. Growth as a Amateur photographer. I am no professional, in that I don’t make my living as a photographer. Hopefully this exercise will help me grow as a photographer as I learn my camera better better, process better and compose my photographs better.
  5. Learn, inside and out, the capabilities of my camera and lens.

In addition, I am imposing several rules on this project:

  1. Take the best photograph possible and try not to get just get by.
  2. Use my digital camera and not my phone or iPad camera unless experimenting with their capabilities.
  3. Shoot mainly in RAW mode so I can learn various processing techniques.

I can’t promise that I will always be able to take a photo a day – life happens – but I’m going to give it my best shot!  Feel free to comment and critique.  It is the only way to learn.

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