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I have over 30 years of IT, scientific, teaching and management experience in diverse areas such as software development, manufacturing, OSHA regulations & testing, GLPS, health care, education, telecommunications and insurance. This experience involved full life-cycle development, project management, budgeting, business analysis, requirements gathering, user interaction, case use diagrams, work flow diagrams, database requirements analysis, project presentations, database design, usability studies, program design, programming, QA, project implementation & business efficiency studies, ETL and SOA. 

These skills give me a broad range of knowledge from direct hands-on, in the "trenches" experience to high level management abilities. I'm extremely flexible, work well under stress, enjoy managing multiple projects, and relish the opportunity to learn new skills and mentor others.

My writing can be found on several self hosted Wordpress blogs that deal with diverse issues ranging from atheism to science. In addition, I'm a photographer and maintain two photo blogs.

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Northern Illinois University

Ph.D. in Biology/Biochemistry

University of Southern Mississippi

M.S. in Biology/Parasitology

University of Connecticut

B.S. in Biology

Oct 2013 to Present
Sr. Software Developer
NCR/Retalix, Omaha, NE working out of Rockford, IL

Delphi, Firebird, PowerSell Development and Enhancements

Sept 2012 to Present
President, Fusco Consulting
Fusco Consulting, Rockford, IL

Fusco Consulting specializes in full life cycle development, business needs analysis, business work flow documentation, business efficiency analysis, database design and development, data warehouse development, and specialized programming for database intensive operations.

May 2001-August 2012
Vice President of Information Technology
Health Conservation, Inc, Rockford, IL

HCI is a medical/health screening company that conducts nationwide audiometric, pulmonary function (PFT), respiratory FIT and vision tests for OSHA & NIOSH compliance. The IT department is responsible for sending data to mobile units, retrieving data, entering data, import/export of data, ETL, database maintenance (Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2005 & 2008), report generation that meets OSHA standards & data warehousing.

This position involved:

- Managing HCI's IT department (database, systems administration, network), directing their day to day activities (8 individuals).

- Managing HCI's Fleet (14 mobile van units, 28 individuals) from a data perspective
- Modifying/Updating Mobile van SQL Server Express (2005 & 2008) databases
- ETL transfer to/from SQL Server Express (mobile units) and main Oracle databases
- Increasing efficiency of stored-procedures
- Oracle Database design & management
- Data Warehouse design and implementation
- Evaluation of database products and tools
- Web site reporting design/updates
- Core Program maintenance/modifications & design/development of new programs

Major accomplishments:

1. The department efficiency was increased by reducing staff, streamlining data processing and reporting, and by completely redesigning the work-flow process.
2. The audiometric testing database was migrated from an AS400 model to a PC-Client/Server relational Oracle model. This included data modeling, data conversion and new program design and development.
3. A new ID system was implemented that maintains data integrity while eliminating the need for SSNs.
4. A data transfer system from Oracle to Solomon (SQL Server) was designed using the Solomon API and was in testing
5. The corporate web site was redesigned and completed recoded so that complete reports could be obtained by clients, employee demographic information could be edited and tests could be entered and reported on immediately.
6. Increased web presence driving business to a web based service oriented reporting model. (Reformulated Business model to take this into account.)
7. Redesign (content & look) of core client reports to make reports easier to understand and provide more information than required by OSHA and NIOSH.
8. Streamlined and sped-up data QC processes.
9. Streamline ETL from several major audiometric databases

October 2000 - April 2001
Director, Database Administration
ETrak Corporation, Newport Beach, CA

A team of DBA's were managed, directing their day to day activities. These job responsibilities included:

- Reverse engineering of Sybase, SQL Server and old Dbase databases into SQL Server platform
- Redesign of interim database of Etrak's flagship product using ER/Win
- Redesign of permanent database schema
- Assigning, designing and helping to coding stored procedures and triggers for new flagship product (Rapid SQL). This also involved mentoring and teaching new DBA's relational concepts and specialized SQL coding procedures.
- Overseeing the documentation of all conversions and database designs in ER/Win - Database Security Planning and Implementation - Data Warehouse design and implementation - Evaluation of database products and tool

January 1985 - October 2000
President and Founder
Computer Consultants Enterprises, Inc., Rockford, IL 

Computer Consultants specialized in full life cycle development, business needs analysis, business work flow documentation and business efficiency analysis. Clients included: HCI, Eclipse, Rocknel Fastener, Rockford Fastener, The WorkPlace, Beloit Corporation, Ameritech (now AT&T), Blue Cross/Blue Shield, ELCO-Textron, University of Illinois, Business Records Corporation, Rush_Presbyterian-St. Luke Medical Center. Database platforms included simple relational databases such as MS Access to full featured Oracle, SQL Server, Cincom and DB2. Consulting expertise ranged from education, telecommunications, health care, scientific and manufacturing.

1993 - 1995
Vice President and Co-Founder
Viro Research Laboratories, Rockford, IL

This was a biotech startup company. Experiences and accomplishments include: obtaining venture capital & funding, GLP, FDA product approval, monoclonal antibody production for Herpesviruses.

Adjunct Assistant Professor (final)
University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford, Rockford, IL

Various titles held:
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Assistant Professor
Research Associate (Parasitology)

Skin penetration mechanisms of the parasites Schisotosoma mansoni and Necator Americanus.
Managed a laboratory staff of 5.
This also entailed obtaining funding from the Department of Defense, NIH and other funding agencies.

Member of:

American Atheists
Freedom from Religion Foundation
IL/WI Stateline Atheist Society
Rockford Photography Meetup

Business: Management, mentoring and teaching, budgeting, task assignment, project management, formulating business plans, business needs analysis, business work-flow analysis and efficiency analysis, mobile work flow, social media, mind mapping, statistical analysis, & SOA

Database: database administration, database design (relational, warehouse) & modeling (logical & physical, ERM), ETL, web design and development (mostly back-end database), some exploration of NoSQL or Non-relational databases & "cloud" computing

Languages: Delphi (Pascal), Delphi Prism (Oxygen), Visual Basic, SQL (many flavors), C#, ASP.Net, MS Framework 2 & 4, Visual Studio, (some C & PHP), Crystal Reports (stand-alone and web based)

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Cincom, DB2, Assess

Database Tools: Er/win, Embarcadero Suite (DBArtisan, DB Change Manager, DBOptimizer, Data Architect, Business Architect, Rapid SQL), RMAN

Industry Experience: Education, telecommunications, health care, scientific, pharmaceutical and manufacturing.
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  • Name: Alan C Fusco, PhD
  • Address:
    2207 Jonquil Place
    Rockford, IL 61107
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 815 914-5548

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